Happy Pancake Day!

Tomorrow is Pancake Day! Hooray!! Everyone I know loves pancakes! So I thought I would share some easy pancake recipes .

Pancakes can be served sweet or savoury. If you have any dietary requirement, you can also enjoy pancakes. I have two recipes for the pancake batter which I often use. I have the normal pancake batter, with flour, milk and eggs, and a vegan recipe. Usually, when I am doing savoury pancakes, I opt for the normal batter and use the vegan batter for sweet pancakes. However, both recipes can be used for sweet and savoury.

Here is a link to my recipes:

Moreover, below are some ideas on how to serve your pancakes tomorrow!

Savoury pancakes: Use the pancakes as tacos and stuff them with cabbage, tofu, avocado and peanuts. Drizzle some sriracha on top and there you go!

We love soups, especially pancake soup! Usually we make this using leftover pancakes. Slice the pancakes in long strips. Use your favourite broth, add some chopped vegetables (mushrooms, peas, carrots… whatever you like) and some fresh herbs (cilantro, parsley). Place the pancake strips into serving plates and pour the hot broth over them and serve immediately.

Sweet pancakes: Chop or slice some of your favourite fruits or add berries and nuts. Roll them in a pancake or layer your pancakes on top of each other and drizzle some honey or agave syrup on top. Dive in and enjoy!


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