A day in Gozo


We recently visited Malta, our home country, for our annual family visit. We were not exactly in total holiday mode though, as my husband had to work remotely and we also had a lot of errands to run. However, we enjoyed our time there and it was good quality time with our families. Of course Flora was in total holiday mode, spending most of her days alternating between sunny and shady spots.

All things said, we also had the chance to spend a day on Malta’s sister island, Gozo. We started the day early to make our way to the Gozo ferry. Our first stop was obviously in Rabat, to have our second breakfast… pastizzi and tea, which is traditionally served in a clear glass! These pastizzi, especially the cheese ones, are truly one of the best I have ever had. 🙂

After a short stroll around the winding roads of Rabat, we made our way to San Lawrenz, a tiny village on the west side of the island and further on to Dwejra, where the Azure Window once stood. Earlier this year, a stormy day capped years of erosion to bring down one of the Maltese Islands’ most iconic sites. It feels kind of sad to visit the area without being able to see the Window anymore. Here is a picture of the Azure Window I took last year next to the one I took recently.

Nonetheless, the area is really picturesque and popular as ever before. The pictures below do no justice to how truly beautiful this area is.

After spending some time there enjoying the view (and eating an ice-cream!), we headed towards Tal-Gordan Lighthouse, driving past Ta’ Pinu Shrine. Unfortunately, road works were underway and access towards the lighthouse was closed. We decided to park the car in Ghasri and walk around this tiny village. Beautiful farmhouses line the streets of this quiet village, while farmland still surrounds the area.

It is surprising how sometimes even a flower smiles right back at you! 🙂

By now, we were hungry and decided to make our way to Marsalforn for an early dinner. Haven’t had good fish for a while, the choice was easy! We shared a fresh meagre, which was accompanied by an abundant amount of fresh seafood and some vegetables. I hope this place keeps this kind of standard as I am sure we will return here on our next trip to Gozo! 🙂

So yummy!!!!

If you are visiting Gozo and want more ideas about where to go, check out my Gozo blogpost I posted last year, featuring various places of interest around the island. 🙂

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